Why You Might Need A De Facto Lawyer In Sydney

Moving in with your partner? Right now your biggest concern is probably who’s brining the fridge and whether or not you’ll find yourselves compatible when it comes to cleaning and bed times but you should also remember that there are legal implications when it comes to deciding to move in together. At the end of a relationship you may be surprised to discover that your partner has claim to some of your assets, even if you weren’t married. In fact, couples who live together for a number of years will find that the law when it comes to property is very similar to law as it relates to married couples experiencing a divorce. If your relationship with a live-in partner is breaking down then you might find that you’re in need of a defacto lawyer in Sydney.

Partners who have lived together for two years will have many of the same rights as married couples and will when their relationship comes to and end which means that assets can be split in a similar way and people can make claims on the other person’s property, savings or superannuation.

It’s often the case that couples who are unmarried will live together for many years and even buy property together which can make splitting up complicated.

People splitting up in NSW will often be alerted by their de facto lawyer in Sydney and that property and assets can be pooled together and divided up.

Generational changes

Couples who haven’t yet married but live together are very common nowadays and are becoming more and more popular. In fact, according to the census in 2016 one in six couples older than the age of 15 had been living together for two or more years. Co-habitation is now seen by many Australian’s as something that is practical.

Separations are similar to divorce

When speaking to your de facto lawyer in Sydney you’ll find that it often takes a similar amount of time and involves similar costs and timings as a divorce. In complicated situations legal fees can be high, costing couples thousands. An experienced de factor lawyer in Sydney can help smooth the way and hopefully save you thousands and help you come to an amicable arrangement. Couples can expect that the process, costs and delays will be very similar if not almost the same as if they were a married couple. In the same way that a judge will assess a married couple’s overall assets and take into account their contributions and possible future needs to try and find an equitable solution, unmarried couples can expect to follow the same kind of process.

The law around relationships between couples who live together changed back in 2009 and since then some couples have found themselves in complicated situations, especially when they didn’t realise that the law might apply to them. Disputes can get complicated when ex-partners disagree on whether the law applies to them or not. Some people may argue for instance that they did not cohabitate for two years or that they were only boyfriend and girlfriend, a de facto lawyer in Sydney can help clear any confusion up.

Do your research

If you’re in a relationship, make sure you do your research especially if you have assets or plan to purchase assets with your partner. If you share children it’s worth thinking about what you’ll do in the event of a relationship, living together means that your relationship is subject to family law. If a breakup occurs it’s good to be prepared.