reception room with timber floors

What You Should Know About Timber Flooring Installation In Sydney

There are a number of things that you should understand about wooden floorboards and timber floor installers in Sydney before you go ahead. Read on below to find out about the things you should consider.


Before you order wooden floorboards and contact a timber floor installer in Sydney there are a number of recommendations you should keep in mind. Firstly, it’s important to become highly familiar with the different colour options available. You should also speak to a professional installer about what type of wood would be suitable in your home before going ahead with your timber floor installation in Sydney. You should also check whether your home experiences large fluctuations in temperature and humidity as this can impact on the expansion of your wooden floorboards.


You should check those hardwood products are carefully packaged and protected during transport. Exposure to the weather can damage your expensive wooden floorboards and can cause issues if they are incorrectly handled. You should also check that no other products will be placed on top of your hardwood products and that care will be taken when lifting and handling.

Check carefully on delivery

When you receive delivery of hardwood floors make sure you check for any issues or inconsistencies in your order.

Ensure it properly stored

Avoid storing hardwood products in areas exposed to the weather or high temperatures or water. You should also consider keeping strapped bundles together until it is time to lay them.

Consider your environment

If you expect that there will be greater fluctuations in temperature or humidity in certain rooms than special care should be taken to allow for the expansion and contraction of your wooden floorboards. You should think about whether rooms will be air-conditioned or heated, whether you will have heated floors, whether there are glass windows or doors in some room, what the ventilation is like in certain rooms and whether sites can be locked up and protected from the weather. You should also think about the schedule for your timber installation in Sydney, will there be rain or higher or lower humidity than is typical for your area? This can impact on how your floorboards acclimate.


Depending on the region that you live in you may need to acclimatise your floorboards on site. Poorly acclimatised floorboards can stop installs from being successful. Successfully acclimatising floorboards involves ensuring that a sufficient period of time elapses and is dependent on temperature, humidity and site conditions.

Tips for timber floor installation in Sydney

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should use professionals and that your floorboards should not go in until sites have reached lock-up stage for new builds. You should also make sure that your installer does not use finishes or methods that bond boards together as this can stop it from properly expanding or contracting. You should also ensure that there is a minimum expansion gap of around 12 mm around the edge of your flooring and between walls. Your installers should also make sure they closely read the guidelines for properly putting in the products that you choose. It’s also important to ensure that the correct subflooring is used. You should also ensure that safe work practices are used when timber flooring installation in Sydney is taking place. You should also speak to the professionals about your sanding and finishing needs. Finishing products should not be sealants that bind boards together or stop them from properly expanding. Ensure that all work areas are kept clean and dust-free as well.