Top Tips For Using Balloon Centerpieces

Eye-catching balloon centerpieces truly display that add colour and character to an event.

Especially for those event hosts who love to get creative and add a degree of levity and fun to the showcase event, this can be a cost efficient design that pops.

Once the balloons are purchased in bulk, how does the centerpiece actually formulate?

What is best practice in these situations and how can the product be optimised?

Here we will outline some of the top tips for crafting this glorious centerpiece.


Placement Where The Traffic Is

Whether it is a wedding, an anniversary party, birthday party or another event that calls for balloon centerpieces, this is an item that needs to be placed where the traffic is and where it will be funneled through. In most instances this will be for the entrance for the doorway, but there can be other locations that will make this a photogenic opportunity. That will be genuinely indicative of a ‘centerpiece’ where guests, groups and patrons will be able to grab their cameras and smartphones and offer an illuminating snapshot of the day or evening.


Bright Colours

Any event that calls for balloon centerpieces requires a bright colour scheme. From white patterns that are ideal for weddings to greens and blues for indoor settings and reds and oranges for a warm outdoor setting, this installation should be a means of offering lightness to the environment. For those consumers who are doubtful about what would work and what should be chosen for the optics, an array of bright colours is always the safest strategy.


Weave Ribbon Designs

Balloon centerpieces that only utilise stock standard balloons can come across as quite one-dimensional. This is particularly true when they are just stuck together with a dull piece of string and stuck to the back of a wall. Although this strategy will add some time to the preparation, they are well complimented by weaving a neat ribbon design around the neck of the item. The colours can either be consistent with the pattern of the balloons or they can offer an aesthetically pleasing contrast.


Secure The Weights

While a majority of balloon centerpieces will be crafted for an indoor setting, there will some consumers who will look to utilise the design for an outdoor event. This illustrates the versatility of the creation, but offers one logistical headache when it comes to weighing the item down and mitigating against the wind and other climatic conditions. Generic weights that tie the structure firmly to the ground should be secured as a matter of course for these outdoor parties, ensuring they do not leave the premises.


Prepare Ahead of Time

Considering how long it can take to inflate each item and the fragility that can arrive with balloon centerpieces, it is important for individuals to prepare ahead of time. Those party or event hosts who leave their preparation to the last minute run the risk of confronting mistakes where a product shortage or an installation becomes complicated. It will avoid that last minute rush that only adds stress and anxiety for an event that is supposed to be fun and enjoyed by everyone in attendance.


Table Balloon Compliments

For those event hosts who are investing in balloon centerpieces to add value, fun and prestige for a day or evening, there is a means of complimenting this design with an array of table balloons. So long as they are synchronised with the same colour scheme, it can help to extend the theme to have them stored inside a neat basket in the middle of the table setting.