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Tips For Using And Maintaining Hot Water Cylinders

Your hot water cylinder is super important as part of the mix that keeps your family life comfortable all-year-round. However, this is something we often take for granted but find extremely inconvenient when they malfunction or break down.

Putting in a little bit of work to properly maintain your tank can save you a huge headache later on when you’re stuck without hot showers in the middle of winter. An ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure – don’t just assume your unit will maintain itself all-year-round!

Check out the following tips for maintaining your hot water cylinders so you can ensure it works adequately when you need it.

1: Perform routine inspections of the tank for signs of wear and/or cracks

Choose a date once a month that you are going to do an inspection of your hot water cylinder. You need to do a systematic scan from top to bottom, side to side in order to identify and small imperfections that could potentially jeopardise the tank’s integrity. If a small crack is allowed to expand it can cause a leak and eventually a pressure explosion which is going to be dangerous for your family and damaging to your property as well as costly to replace.

2: Turn off the system when you go on holiday

There’s no reason to have the hot water cylinder operating when you’re going to be gone from your home for a long period of time, like when you go on a family holiday or a business trip. There’s point leaving it there to heat liquid that you are not going to end up using, so make sure you turn it off before you go on holiday so that you aren’t both paying for something you won’t use plus not causing unnecessary wear to your hot water cylinder.

3: Perform an inspection of the relief valve twice a year

The relief valve is an essential mechanism because it relives excess pressure that might build up inside the tank. Having this working properly is essential in order to avoid a pressure build up that causes the tank to have a dangerous explosion which could send debris flying and kill a person or animal. The danger is ever worse if you use gas as the main heating mechanism.

4: Be cautious when doing any work around the system


Depending on the type of hot water cylinder you have it will need to be stored on the exterior of your home so as to give it proper ventilation. However, you need to be careful when doing any gardening or other landscaping around it as a tool like a whipper snipper can cut pipes feeding the tank. Also, bumping a lawnmower into it and causing successive dents is something you want to avoid for obvious reasons. Just make sure you take some extra care when working around the tank.

5: Get a plumber to come and do a yearly service

Don’t put this off – it is really worth doing if you want to get the maximum longevity out of your hot water cylinder. Get your local plumber to do a yearly service where they replace the sacrificial anode and check the connections for any faults.

Hopefully the above information helps you with maintaining your hot water cylinder so that it lasts for a long time.