The Importance Of Directories For Companies

We know that it is essential that our page appears in search engines if we want to find us on the Internet, so when we have finished, we usually go to the pages of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN) and add our page to them. 

What not everyone knows, especially those who are not familiar with web positioning, is that it is also important to appear in Internet directories, search engines take these directories very seriously and being in one of them will provide us with a proper Positioning.

Based on records of suppliers from the different markets of national and international industries, the Empresas Chile Directory is born, digital edition 2017 is an updated publication with all the information to view online, or download the complete version on digital paper.

Directorio Empresas Chile is, therefore, a reference within the Internet directories and its 2017 digital edition, completely updated, will soon appear in the online download platforms, with a complete registry and commercial information of the registered companies that will allow you to obtain new business and get important projects that achieve their execution.

Since always the local directories have had major importance in the local SEO strategy of any business especially to improve local relevance, but the advantages of the directories do not affect our business only in this regard.

For Google the owners of local businesses are not the most reliable source to take data, so they have always preferred the information of aggregators or more “trustworthy” directories such as Yelp or Yellow Pages, from where they make a lot of information from local businesses. To the point of creating thousands of business cards even if their owners do not even know it. That’s why most of the listings in Google Plus Local are not yet claimed.

In this trust that Google has in the directories, preferably in some lists, lies the importance of using and keeping our business data updated on these platforms, since otherwise, Google can change information from your business card in Google Plus Local if you consider that your data is not consistent enough.

Along with the data that Google has changed on its initiative and ignoring the data that we have provided previously, will show a small text of “Updated.”

Therefore, if your business changes services, location, decoration … remember to update all the information -photos included- in all the directories where it appears because otherwise there is a risk that Google will never update the data and your customers see wrong information about your business.