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Shiseido Hair Straightening: What You Need to Know

There are few things more stylish than smooth and shiny locks, which is why Shiseido hair straightening remains so popular today. Using a flat iron to attain this look on a daily basis can damage the shafts, leaving tresses frizzy and dry. This permanent alternative is more expensive but lasts longer and does less overall damage.


How it works

  1. The procedure starts with an assessment of the locks in order to determine whether they are strong enough for the treatment. Strands which are damaged or colour-treated may not be suitable for Shiseido hair straightening, or additional products may be required to reduce damage.
  2. Next, protective products will be applied to the strands to minimise damage.
  3. The appropriate chemicals will then be applied – this alters the bonds in the strands to allow for smoothing to occur.
  4. Once the locks are dry they will then be ironed using a special salon tool to make them smooth.
  5. Finally, a neutraliser will be added to the tresses to solidify the process and keep the new style in place permanently (or at least, until it grows out).

The procedure can take up to 8 hours in total based on the length and thickness of your locks. But for many people, this time spent is worth it as the style lasts so long.



The benefits of Shiseido hair straightening include:

Lasting looks

Rather than having to flat iron your locks to get the look you want on the daily, this procedure allows you to enjoy the tresses of your dreams with minimal effort for months on end. This can help to boost your confidence and look good with ease, making day-to-day life simpler. That means less time in the bathroom and more time enjoying your life. You also no longer have to worry about your locks going all frizzy when it’s rainy!

Safe alternative

Compared to flat ironing your locks with heat every day, Shiseido hair straightening does less overall damage to keep your tresses gorgeous and healthy. It’s also a safer (and longer-lasting) alternative to the Brazilian method, which uses formaldehyde – a carcinogen.


While it has a larger upfront cost, it can save you money in the long run as you don’t have to spend as much money on regular purchases like smoothing product, flat iron replacements and sprays.



Some of the drawbacks of Shiseido hair straightening include:

Possible damage

If you go to a cheap salon you risk doing lasting damage to your tresses with this procedure. Make sure you go to a reputable salon in order to protect your locks and keep them shiny and healthy.


Over time your natural tresses will grow back, resulting in a half wavy, half smooth look that you may not want. You will need to get another treatment done or cut your locks shorter in order to combat this.

Potentially time-consuming and painful

Depending on the person, Shiseido hair straightening can be painful and can take quite a long time to complete.



To keep your new style looking great, you’ll have to follow a few instructions to prevent damage to your tresses. Once you’ve had Shiseido hair straightening done, you won’t be allowed to colour or apply any chemical products on the locks until it has fully grown out. It’s also recommended to keep your tresses away from heat products and the sun where possible as these strip moisture away. You should also use shampoo sparingly, but condition regularly to lock-in moisture and keep it looking healthy. And finally, comb first, then brush!