Choose Your Favorite Bong from a Range of Options

Are you aware of the fact that different types of bongs are there from which you need to a perfect one? Bongs are available in various materials, sizes, designs, and shapes. Actually, it’s like an infinite list of bongs. Bongs are among the most prominent smoking techniques in the whole world.

Moreover, bongs had also been used in earlier times by royalty for the purpose of dry herbs’ smoking. Different things are there to consider about bongs before finalizing your decision. So, let’s discuss some popular types of bongs to get a better idea:

What are the different types of bongs?

Glass: Actually, glass is considered to be the most prominent material for the oz bongs. It’s due to the fact that glass offers the purest as well as cleanest taste to the users. Glass doesn’t hold a way to influence the flavor of the smoke.

Furthermore, the users can also easily find out the resin and gunk build-up because of its transparent nature. It’s true that glass bongs are incredibly popular, but they are also regarded to be the most costly choice on the list of bongs.

Plastic: Apart from the glass, plastic is also popular and the second most utilized material for composing bongs. It’s due to that plastic is incredibly durable and also won’t break if dropped. In case there’s a mess, at least you won’t need to worry about any broken pieces of glass around your place.

Moreover, plastic oz bongs are more affordable in comparison to other materials. You can easily travel with plastic bongs. However, plastic bongs might affect the smoke with regard to its taste. Apart from this aspect, this is a very prominent choice.

Ceramic: When it comes to the comparison of plastic or glass bongs with ceramic bongs, the latter one is comparatively heavier. Nonetheless, ceramic is much fragile as well. That means you can’t take this bong outside whatever you can do with a plastic bong.

Composed of ceramic materials, these bongs are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes because it’s simple to work with these bongs. Bong manufacturers, who work with ceramic, are able to mold bongs into various different designs.

These bongs are costlier in comparison to plastic because there’s more artistry associated with their design. To put it to be the simplest terms, ceramic is not traditional for the daily purposes; however, it’s also a good choice for special occasions, and the appearance is also amazing for the decoration purpose.

Bamboo: A number of the initial bongs had been manufactured from bamboo. Bamboo bongs can also be composed of tubular, simple designs. It can become a little bit excessive with garnish, metal, and paint additions. Furthermore, bamboo is highly durable. Hence, it’s a perfect choice for the purpose of a long-term piece.

Metal: Bongs that are composed of metal is incredibly rare. Such products have great longevity, and it can also come at a budget-friendly price. Nonetheless, this type of bong can also alter the smoke taste, and also it’s difficult to conclude how actually clean it is.

Choose your preferable type from the above list.