A Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour Can be Enthralling

Most of us may not have traveled on a helicopter in our life even though most of us must have traveled by flight a lot of times! Hence, when such an opportunity presents itself, one may not like to miss it. A Grand Canyon helicopter tour is one such moment that can be exhilarating for a lot of us. Apart from viewing the Canyon up and close, one can also get a chance to find out what it feels like to travel in a luxurious helicopter with all narrations being provided in the background.

It can simply be an experience of a lifetime for most tourists as the copter makes its way through the Canyon’s rising peaks and people can get a peek of the meandering Colorado river down below. There are many reasons why this type of adventure tourism can be liked by a lot of people, some of which have been discussed here.


  • There is hardly anything that a guest has to do – In a Grand Canyon helicopter ride, apart from selecting a tour operator and making a booking, a tourist need not do anything else at all! Everything can be expected to be done by the company conducting the tour. They can make arrangements to pick up a guest from the hotel, conduct a helicopter ride in the Canyon, offer breakfast during the tour and drop them back at the hotel. Hence, everything is taken care of by them.

The only point that a guest must ensure is that one should make a reservation keeping some time in hand so that a tour operator can also make proper arrangements. If a booking is made two to three days prior to a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, that can be quite appreciable to make all arrangements.

  • One can see the pristine areas from so close – The beautiful and pristine Canyon can be seen in all its glory along with the other picturesque places like the Lake Mead, Mojave Desert, Colorado River, Skywalk, etc. in a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Visiting all these places apart from others on one’s own can be a harrowing task because they are spread over quite a distance and reaching the places may not be the easiest for a tourist. With a helicopter ride, all these areas can be seen easily.
  • The comfort of the tour can be appealing – Most operators that conduct a Grand Canyon helicopter tour offer A-Star copters for the purpose. They can be quite spacious and full of luxury. There is enough leg room for every passenger as each copter only carries six tourists at a time. In case if a copter does not seem suitable, guests can always be upgraded to an EC-130 helicopter that can even be more spacious and comfortable. Passengers can always expect narration from the background as well as from the pilot so that all places can be identified easily.

A tourist will always yearn for more from the tour as there can be ample care and luxury provided by the operators. One can see the Canyon and it’s deep gorges from so close and can even see the copter land in it to get a feel of the free-flowing Colorado River. Hence, this helicopter tour can always rate amongst the best in a visitor’s mind.